Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain: Can Chiropractic help Me?

Mechanicsville Virginia Chiropractor – In my continuing effort to repost pregnancy related posts, this will be the last.

Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), commonly referred to as pelvic pain, is a condition that is growing more common among pregnant women, either due to increasing maternal age or to the condition simply being diagnosed more frequently.  The pain is due to excessive movement of the bones that make up the pubic symphysis, which are the two bones that meet at the front of the pelvic girdle and are connected by a joint made of cartilage and supported by ligaments.Read More >

Is Chiropractic Safe During or After Pregnancy?

Mechanicsville Virginia Chiropractor – Here’s another recycled post which I thought would be relevant to the rash of pregnant patients we’ve seen lately at Stover Chiropractic.

I’m often asked some variety of “can you treat pregnant women?”  It is based in a reasonable concern for the safety of the mother and child, and a the awareness that low back pain is common during pregnancy.

As a matter of fact, low back pain is a common complaint among pregnant and post-partum women due to the extra weight they carry during the nine months of gestation.   For this reason, it is not at all surprising that Read More >

Sciatica and Pregnancy

pregnant-back-pain-200-300Mechanicsville Virginia Chiropractor – I have have seen quite a few pregnant women in the office lately.  For that reason I’m reposting two posts this week from the the not too distant past on related issues.

Pregnancy involves a broad range of rapid changes to a woman’s physiology, including changes that can vary widely from one woman to the next.  Sciatica is a common symptom associated with pregnancy and is caused by pressure or injury to the sciatic nerve.  The common signs of sciatica are weakness, tingling, numbness and burning pain in the legs, back and buttocks.  Personally I find chiropractic adjustments are usually very effective.  They are perfect for a pregnant mom because of the limits on pain meds that are OK for pregnancy.

However, if the sciatica does not respond quickly, the problem can be stubborn.  It becomes very important to maintain a short but regimented program to stabilize the position of Mom’s pelvis and spine.Read More >

Sciatica and Pregnancy

pregnant-back-pain-200-300Mechanicsville Virginia Chiropractor – Pregnancy involves a broad range of rapid changes to a woman’s physiology, including changes that can vary widely from one woman to the next.  Sciatica is a common symptom associated with pregnancy and is caused by pressure or injury to the sciatic nerve.  The common signs of sciatica are weakness, tingling, numbness and burning pain in the legs, back and buttocks.

As the fetus grows inside the mother’s womb, the uterus expands and occasionally places pressure against the sciatic nerve in the lower spinal column.  This pressure Read More >

What Conditions Respond Well to Chiropractic Care?

Mechanicsville Virginia Chiropractor – Patients at Stover Chiropractic, P.C., have come to know how gentle and effective chiropractic is for everyone.  Chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive form of healthcare that can be used to help your body heal from a wide variety of ailments. Most chiropractors not only Read More >

Does Chiropractic Help Back Pain Associated with Pregnancy?

Mechanicsville, Virginia Chiropractor – If you are pregnant and suffering from low back pain, a neighbor or a friend has probably suggested you visit a chiropractor because a chiropractor was able to help them during their pregnancy. The discussion probably left you curious, is that good advice or just a single success story? Additionally, you may be wondering whether chiropractic is safe during pregnancy and how much low back pain improvement the average pregnant woman can expect to get.

After looking at several scientific publications on these exact topics, the appropriate conclusion seems to be that “chiropractic evaluation and treatment during pregnancy may be considered a safe and effective means of treating common musculoskeletal symptoms that affect pregnant patients. The scarcity of published literature warrants further research.” (Borggren, 2007)

So basically the answers are:

  • Yes, chiropractic is safe during pregnancy.
  • Yes, chiropractic helps common musculoskelatal probelms during pregnancy  (including back pain).
  • Your friends experience isn’t just one woman’s story. Many women are finding relief and the results are being sporadically published in medical journals too.
  • More research under more controlled conditions is needed for the purposes of educating primary care physicians and obstetricians about chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Here are a few additional details about the prevalence of low back pain during pregnancy and the number of women being referred for treatment.

  • 57 – 69% of women complain of low back pain during pregnancy
  • Only about 32% of women report these symptoms to their primary doctor
  • Only about 25% of primary doctors recommend seeking treatment for the pain.

Clearly this is a big problem with 2 in 3 having pregnancy-related back pain. Also a big problem is that they are generally not talking to their obstetricians and primary care physicians about it and that these professionals are not referring them to effective treatment options.

Chiropractic treatments can be quite effective for pregnancy-related back pain with just a few visits for the majority of women seeking help. In a small study of 17 women:

  • Sixteen of 17 (94%) saw clinically important improvements in low back pain with chiropractic care.
  • The average pain rating went down from 5.9 to 1.5 (on a scale of 0 to 10).
  • It took an average of 1.8 visits and 4.5 days to get clinically important pain relief.

We hope this article gave you hope that many pregnant women do get significant, rapid relief from low back pain. If you are currently pregnant with low back pain, you probably have many questions not answered by this article. Perhaps you’ve never had chiropractic care before or you want to know how we adjust our techniques to work with pregnant patients. The best way to get answers to your questions is with an initial consultation. The only way for us to know whether you are a good candidate is for you to come see us, so call for an initial appointment today.




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Preventing Pregnancy Related Backaches In Mechanicsville

I started Stover Chiropractic, P.C. in 1998 and am a Chiropractor. At that time, backaches during pregnancy were a common symptom affecting almost half of all pregnant women in Mechanicsville. Backaches during pregnancy remain a number one complaint for women in the local areas around Richmond, too.

‘Backache’ is a term typically used to describe pain in the lower back. Pregnant women in Mechanicsville commonly feel pain in the lower back due to changes in their hormones, which help facilitate birth, and their posture due to the extra weight affecting their spine and back. These changes come naturally as a part of pregnancy.

The best way to avoid backaches or to alleviate back pain during pregnancy in Mechanicsville is to take preventative measures.

Exercise that strengthens your back and abdominal muscles, monitoring your posture, and avoiding high heels are all examples of preventative measures pregnant women in Mechanicsville, Richmond, and Glen Allen can take to avoid or alleviate backaches. Another preventative option available to women suffering from backaches due to pregnancy is to visit your local Mechanicsville chiropractor.

Some women in the area look to over-the-counter pain killers to alleviate their backaches. During pregnancy it is a good idea to avoid many over-the-counter pain killers as they can increase the risk of problems. Your doctor can direct you to appropriate pain killers should you wish to use them to alleviate your backaches during pregnancy.

An appealing alternative for pregnant women suffering from backaches related to pregnancy in Richmond, and Glen Allen is to visit their local Mechanicsville chiropractor. A chiropractor can possibly ease pregnancy backaches without the use of any over-the-counter pain killers.

Sadly, women who have a history of backaches are more likely to suffer from backaches during pregnancy, and backaches after pregnancy are likely to exist due to strain on a mother’s spine from lifting babies and nursing. Taking preventive measures before pregnancy and continuing preventative measures after pregnancy is just as important as preventing backaches during pregnancy.

Your Mechanicsville chiropractor can help ease your pregnancy related backaches.

If you live in Richmond, Glen Allen, or Mechanicsville, and suffer from backaches come visit our friendly staff and see what Stover Chiropractic, P.C. can do for you.

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