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Chiropractic for Children

Mechanicsville, Virginia — Most of my practice members have seen that we help children at Stover Chiropractic. So it isn’t going to be big news to read this post. However many people don’t consider a child may need to be adjusted. the following article came out of, Superior Telegram, the November 5th edition. I was impressed because so often these question and answer columns give straight medical orthodoxy and aren’t too friendly to chiropractic. Not only is this one friendly but it is clear and informative. Check it out.

“Dear Dr. Miller:

My neighbor takes her baby to a chiropractor. She says that this has improved his health to the point that he is a much happier boy. I thought that chiropractors were only for people suffering from back pain. I don’t understand this.

Dear Reader:

Many people think chiropractic is only for people experiencing back pain but this is a mistake. Chiropractic actually deals with subluxations. defines subluxations as “areas of interference to the nervous system caused by pressure or irritation from spinal bones.” A chiropractor can correct these subluxations.

How could a baby end up with subluxations? Birth is a stressful experience for a baby and his or her body can become misaligned as it is being pushed through the birth canal. This can leave the body out of alignment and may lead to other problems such as being fussy, some feeding problems, colic or even other problem areas.

In baby world, the reader is asked to imagine the baby is beyond fussy and is actually miserable and there is nothing that seems to sooth the infant. The suggestion is made that the unhappiness of the baby could be caused by bay’s birth experience and that there is a solution to this problem. In this article the reader is asked to consider whether or not there are any symptoms of birth trauma, to investigate how the birth process could affect a baby’s spine and to find out if chiropractic treatment can help.

In Traumatic Birth Syndrome is discussed. During the second stage of labor the mother is pushing, which puts a lot of pressure on the baby’s spine. As a baby makes the way through the birth canal, its body must flex and rotate and damage can occur to the nervous system in its neck during the trauma involved with the birth process. This damage can range from mild subluxations in the neck to more serious ones that can include central nervous system problems.

With careful adjustments, a chiropractor can relieve the physical discomfort that a baby experiences due to birth trauma. Adjustments on newborns and older infants involve a lot of massage and trigger point therapy and are safe and gentle. Many parents have found that these treatments have made a dramatic and positive improvement in the health and happiness of their babies. This, in turn, creates a huge improvement in the harmony of their homes.

When you take your baby to a chiropractor, it is important to find a chiropractor that has experience with babies. Make sure your chiropractor lets you touch your baby or be near as the adjustment is done. Bring along a favorite blanket or toy to help baby feel more at home.

Consult only licensed chiropractors and don’t be shy about interviewing as many of these professionals as you need to in order to find one that you are comfortable with.

For nearly 100 years, doctors of chiropractic have been treating babies and children with care that is both safe and effective. Their techniques are both gentle and beneficial. All parents want only the best for their children and one of the most important goals is that they be health. When the baby is healthy and happy the benefits are obvious.

When a baby is comfortably settled in his or her home, the happiness of the entire family is improved. Chiropractic can help.”

How to Age Successfully

Successful Ageing

Mechanicsville, Virginia — Ah, the Golden Years:  time to enjoy life, with a healthy body and plenty of leisure time.  Sounds wonderful, yes?  Unfortunately, fewer and fewer of us live such care-free lives. Each of our life goals takes planning, knowledge, focus, and perhaps good fortune;  but what can you do to make “successful ageing” more likely — whether you’re a child, working age, winding down, or already retired?  Here are some facts and tips, courtesy of Stover Chiropractic, P.C.

A healthy body helps ensure both ability to work and play.  Did you know that in the U.S. and Europe, the top 2 reasons we miss work are either the common cold, or musculoskeletal injuries?(1)  Did you know that among athletes, the injury rate (“injury” is defined as a disorder that disallows training, playing, or competition for 1 or more days) rises towards 100% as we move from recreational to competitive to professional sport?  Whether you’re seeking to build your nest egg and provide for your family, or to play with the grandkids or participate in sport, staying healthy is critical.  There are many ways you can protect yourself from the common cold, from hand washing, to a healthy night’s sleep, to a diet rich in raw vitamin-rich food, to chiropractic care [yes, chiropractic care may have beneficial effects on the immune system](2).  Ask your doctor of chiropractic to learn more.

When it comes to musculoskeletal injuries—or NEUROmusculoskeletal disorders (injuries and illnesses involving not just lifeless body parts, but instead directed by the nervous system and its control of those parts)—chiropractic care is a safe, proven, and cost-effective option.(3,4)  But it’s not just the wonderful things that chiropractors do with their hands that can and do boost patient health—it’s also the information they provide, and the example they set, that benefit our health.  “Modeling” positive health behaviors affects a doctor’s patients;  and when you engage in it, research shows you’ll also affect those around you, as well as inspire positive health behaviors of your family including your children.(5,6,7,8)  Remember, your taking steps to improve your well-being, health, and safety has benefits for everyone in your life;  so don’t consider any time or resources your pour into your health “selfish.”

The Golden Years can quickly become soured by a fall.  1 in 3 seniors will fall every year.(9)  With your doctor of chiropractic’s guidance, you can limit or avoid these mis-steps and consequences.  Joints in the neck and the base of the spine are especially important in helping you balance;  and your doctor of chiropractic is trained to help them move properly, especially when they’re a bit stiff from the ravages of time.  A chiropractor’s care may also help you stand straighter, helping you not just feel younger, but look younger and more vibrant too!  Evidence-based fall prevention programs can decrease your risk(10), and exercise programs—which are essential to fall prevention—can improve your odds of avoiding a fall even if bone density scans suggest it’s not making a difference.(11)  Don’t believe the hype of the drug industry that touts the benefits of bone-density increasing drugs, and a host of other illusory “wonder drugs,” as your only hope.  If there is a true wonder-drug, it’s the healing power inside of YOU.

Your doctor of chiropractic can help you with your family’s necks, backs, headaches, sports injuries, and more—but don’t’ forget that “doctor” means “teacher.”  Doctors of chiropractic are extensively trained in the human frame and nervous system, and are uniquely qualified to help you feel and FUNCTION at your best—regardless of your age. For more information on ways to help your family live better, please call us at 804-559-1100 for guidance;  or visit to find a highly-qualified chiropractor near you.

Let’s enjoy our aging,

Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.




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Migraines and Chiropractic Care

Mechanicsville, VIrginia — One of the most common reasons people come to Stover Chiropractic is for help with headaches (tension type to complicated migraine headaches). Upper cervical chiropractic care has a high degree of success with headaches. Take the time to look at our reviews and testimonials to hear from our patients. The following will take you to an article that does a nice job explaining the issue it’s solutions:

If you have any questions please call us at 804-559-1100 or leave a comment.

Chiropractic and Major League Baseball

Mechanicsville, VA — Regular chiropractic care is primarily about function and performance. This is a great article about two world championship teams using chiropractic care to help them achieve their highest level of play on the field. Check it out.